EMG Group
Europa Media Group Plc is a group of SMEs active in EU research and innovation projects and in training and capacity building on EU project development and management. Europa Media Group was established with a vision to consolidate under one umbrella 17 years of hands-on experience in developing and managing EU funded research and innovation projects and solid capacity and skills in designing and delivering training and capacity building programmes on successfully developing and managing projects under the EU programmes.
The Europa Media Group consists of four companies:
Geonardo Environmental Technologies
Leading SME in Central and Eastern Europe providing services in the energy, environment and sustainable development fields. Geonardo is intensively involved in EU funded projects in the renewable energy, energy efficiency, raw materials, climate change, and resource efficiency fields.
Europa Media Non-profit
Non-profit SME active in European Union affairs, in particular in EU research and innovation policies, programmes and projects. Europa Media is intensively involved in EU funded projects and EC contracts in international research cooperation, lifelong learning, ICT, entrepreneurship, and training and capacity building fields.
Europa Media Trainings
The training arm of Geonardo and Europa Media Non-profit, translating hands-on experience in developing and managing EU research and innovation projects into practical training programmes for the European science and technology community and stakeholders.
Europa Media Innovations
Europa Media Innovations is the newest member of Europa Media Group, providing innovation management and strategy development services, including assistance in open innovation, Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe strategy support for public and private organisations, funding mapping aid for startups, SMEs and scaleups, and high-level financial consulting.

The Europa Media Group staff’s involvement in EU research and innovation projects began in 1999, when, after the establishment of Geonardo, we developed and submitted our first project proposal under FP5. Coordinated by ourselves, this proposal was successful and others followed throughout the years under FP6, FP7 and now Horizon 2020. We have also been involved as coordinator or partner in projects financed under other EU programmes such as CIP, Lifelong Learning, LIFE/LIFE+ as well as under the EEA and Norway Grants.

Building on our direct experience with EU research projects under FP5 and FP6, we have come to realise that there is a need for more a harmonised information provision on EU funding opportunities and related procedures as well as a need for capacity building on developing competitive proposals and effectively managing projects under the EU’s research and innovation programmes.

To respond to this need, Europa Media was established in 2003 with a mission to provide and present the dispersed and technical information on EU policies, funding opportunities and programmes in a streamlined and simplified way to relevant stakeholders in Europe and worldwide. With this mission, we have developed, launched and publicised a variety of information sources and tools including web platforms, publications, e-Learning courses, webinars and events. In parallel, we launched our first international training programmes on EU proposal development and project management starting from 2004.

Over the past 13 years, our team has developed a comprehensive portfolio of training programmes designed to facilitate access to EU funding and simplify EU project development and management, in particular under the EU’s research and innovation programmes. To date, we have organized hundreds of training courses attended by over 7,000 participants from all over Europe and beyond. We have also supported many universities, research organisations and SMEs on an advisory/in-house capacity in their efforts to develop winning proposals and effectively implement projects.

In-house experts,
researchers & trainers
Proposals directly
involved in
Projects implemented under
FP5/6/7 and H2020
Webinars and e-learning
courses held
In-house courses held
at European organisations
Face-2-face training
courses delivered
With several years of hands-on experience in developing and implementing EU funded research and innovation projects. We have been involved in over 70 projects over the past 17 years as coordinator or partner. The trainers of the Europa Media Group are day-to-day technical coordinators and financial managers of projects under the EU programmes such as the Research Framework Programmes (FP5/6/7, H2020), CIP Eco- innovation, CIP Intelligent Energy Europe, Lifelong Learning Programme, LIFE/LIFE+ and eContentplus. They conceive and develop their own project proposals in conjunction with European and international partners, and implement their projects as coordinator or as partner, being a work package or task leader. They also evaluate project proposals on behalf of the European Commission under the Research Framework Programmes, CIP and LLP/Erasmus+.
All of our training courses and advisory services are therefore designed based on this direct experience that we have with all stages of the project lifecycle. In our presentations, we convey the necessary theoretical information to our participants, highlighting the most common issues faced during proposal preparation and project management, and sharing our experiences and stories. In our workshops, we let our participants to actually practice proposal preparation, project management, financial reporting and audits. Over the years, we have developed and continuously updated quite novel workshop materials and practical templates for all the stages of a research and innovation project’s lifecycle. These workshops have allowed our participants to carry out real-life simulations and improve their knowledge and skills on proposal preparation and project implementation.
Europa Media Group's "hands-on approach" is unique in the provision of R&I training and consulting services in Europe.

With this practice-driven learning-by-doing approach, our goal is to enable researchers, engineers, project managers, financial managers, administrators and other individuals to turn their ideas into successful project proposals, and obtain the necessary skills to cope with the administrative and financial challenges of EU funded research and innovation projects.

Our experts develop their own proposals and coordinate and manage their own projects under FP7 and H2020 on an everyday basis, making our training courses and advisory services 100% practice-driven. No other major player in Europe currently matches this approach.